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Product: Ideally suited to dementia patients, the Sensory Pillow (Mini) is specifically designed to stimulate sensory and visual experiences.

The mini pillow offers a range of materials that can be touched or stroked, and is designed to provide a spectrum of sensory experiences – visual, tactile, etc, occupying the hands and assisting in the management of agitation and anxiety.

Made from a range of different materials which stimulate touch, the mini pillow also uses bright contrasting colours for visual stimulation.

Benefit: A Sensory Pillow (Mini) can be used to manage agitation as a calming tool to soothe the person. For a person who gets anxious and calls out it can be used as a distraction tool to focus the person onto an activity in which they enjoy and are familiar with.

Stage of Dementia: Late

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Dimensions 11 x 12 x 5 cm


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